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Elevate your freelancing skills, get noticed, and deliver real value

Program Experience

Maharah Program is an upskilling programme for future Emirati freelancers. In our custom-designed course, we give you the technical and soft skills to become the most financially successful freelancer you can be.


We look for candidates with

Strong motivation & ambition to learn

Proficiency in spoken and written English language

Commitment to the duration and demands of the program

Interested in opportunities in freelancing

Eligibility Criteria

UAE nationals holding a family book

Fresh university graduates

Program Details

Program onboarding & launch: On a rolling basis.

Format : Fully remote and online workshops

Program duration: Year-round program; candidates onboarded on a rolling basis.

Fees: Free

Your Maharah journey to become a freelancer

Assess your current skills and job preference, and capture areas to develop

Receive tailored training, coaching & mentorship

Receive freelancing opportunities with the support of Maharah


Freelancers are by nature pretty independent. But what we gain in freedom, we can feel the lack of when it comes to structure, support, and resources. And it can be daunting to feel that you only have your own current skills and network to rely on. That’s why we created Maharah. It’s more than a training programme. It’s designed to give you what freelancers tend to miss out on: a robust set of resources to draw from, talented professionals to guide you, and a place in our ready-made network of digital freelancers just like you.

We’ve crafted a high caliber curriculum in partnership with some of the best practitioners in the market. Maharah Program (Talent Incubator) will work on your mindset and motivation – crucial for success in the freelancing world – as well as training in skills, tools, and platforms specific to your area. We’ll prepare you for the market, helping you build your brand, price your work, and get noticed. Support from our team will guide you through the programme and offer you unique and valuable networking opportunities to propel you to the top of your game. Maharah will help you to:

  • Develop your technical and soft skills
  • Create and grow your portfolio
  • Develop essential soft skills, like negotiation, creative thinking, communication, and leadership
  • Move confidently through the digital freelance environment
  • Build a professional network of peers and mentors
  • Set up effective systems for managing your business
  • Source and secure freelance work

We designed Maharah Program for Emirati nationals who want to be independent in their work, but want to avoid the pitfalls of trying to navigate the freelancing world alone. Freelancers who are Emirati nationals with a good level of English, able to commit to the programme and looking to becoming successful freelancers from the following areas can apply:

  • Website Designing
  • Video editing
  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Virtual Assistant

If you meet the application criteria (mentioned above), let us know you’re interested in joining Maharah through this Link; our team will review it and get back to you to let you know if your application has been successful. Good luck!

Once you get in touch to let us know you’re interested, we’ll give you access to a form to fill in, where we can get to know you and your skillset better. We then narrow down the field to motivated and dynamic individuals, who are then invited to take a remote test to show us their skills. The final stage is an interview where we dive deeper to make sure that you’re the right fit.

Maharah Program is fully remote and online Maharah with weekly workshops, assignments, and support from our mentors. You’ll need to be available to participate fully in the course in order to win a placement at Maharah Program. When you get in touch to express your interest and you are selected for the programme, we’ll send you a Welcome Pack to give you full details of the programme.

Maharah Programme is completely free of charge for qualified and highly motivated participants in our initial programme.

We’re a diverse team of global, creative, and multidisciplinary consultants who collaborate on projects that will help propel the planet towards a better future, combining deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in strategy, operations, human capital and organization transformation. We designed the Talent Incubator with the aim of building up the next generation of digital freelance talent. Headquartered in Dubai, the team begind AZM has a wealth of knowledge – and invaluable contacts – that they’re passionate about passing onto young Emirati talent.

Maharah Program provides you with the skills, support, and confidence to boost your freelancer career. Our team is fully embedded in the freelancing community in the region and beyond, and is more than happy to connect you with unprecedented networking opportunities.

Registration / Application process


Scan the QR code and start filling out the initial interest form


Should you qualify, you will receive the next phase of the application asking key questions regarding your background.


Respond to a few short answer questions to help us gauge your career goals and motivation further.


Receive an invitation for a final interview.

If you are facing any issues with scanning the QR code, you are kindly requested to click on this link  to register

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